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PProduct features:

With our consumers and their safety in mind, we create the highest quality ice free of any impurities.


The production technology used makes our cubes melt more slowly. As a result, everyone can enjoy the refreshing taste of a chilled drink for longer.


Our ice is prepared from filtered, impeccably clean water, the taste of which, or rather the lack of it, does not affect the taste of the beverage consumed.


We offer a variety of products to suit different occasions, needs and tastes.
From ice cubes in various weights, crushed ice in a 2kg pack, to ice in a 130g cup.

  • 1 kg
    2 kg
    1 kg cubed ice

    Ideally suited for cooling any type of beverage. The 1 kg pack can both reign supreme at gatherings and celebrations with loved ones, as well as be used to cool drinks and food, such as in travel coolers.

    1 kg
    2 kg
    2 kg ice cubes

    The best choice for larger gatherings. Cools down emotions and quenches many a thirst on hot days. Even more refreshment!

  • Ice cups

    A well-known and well-liked variant, as evidenced by the EPIA 2016 Product of the Year title, ideal for both on-the-go and takeaway. It’s the perfect carry-all for shopping and day trips. A handy and convenient 130g mug that will be a great companion at home, on the road or during your favourite outdoor activities.

About the brand
We started our business in 2010, targeting the largest frozen food distributors in Poland. In a short period of time, we managed to achieve the position of national leader in the sale of ice cubes in 1 kg packs. In 2016, we started to automate our production lines, increasing productivity and expanding our product range, which had a significant impact on our future operations. After entering the European market, we decided to expand further and so in 2021 we started a project to build a new, much larger and more modern plant. Construction was completed in 2022, and so the current Pure Ice was established – one of the most modern ice production facilities in Europe. We are not slowing down!
We adhere to strict sanitary regimes – for several years Pure Ice has had its quality and food safety management standards implemented and certified by accredited certification bodies belonging to the GFSI (Global Food Safety Inititive) organisation – IFS Food and BRC Food. It should be mentioned that we are the only ice cube manufacturer in Poland with such certification.

The excellent quality of the ice is the result of a precisely designed technological line: from the water filtration system to the ice makers and packaging equipment. All the components of the line have been selected to ensure a pristine product.

The selection of resources and partners is key for us, and we only work with internationally recognised manufacturers of ice-making equipment.

For safety reasons, we opted for full automation of the production process, which allowed us to exclude direct contact between operators and the product.

1 – Water filtration
2 – Production of
ice cubes in
the ice maker
3 – Ice discharge
into reservoirs
4 – Drying of ice
on conveyors
5 – Packing ice
in pre-packs
Automated warehouse – freezing room Ice
Chute to packer
Entrance to clean area
Palletising system
Water treatment station
Ammonia station
Ice cube separation
Production acility Pure Ice from a bird’s eye view
Production of 1 kg packs
Production of 1 kg packs – dynamic scales and X-ray machine
Operator at work
Production hall – packing machines
Ice production hall
Automated warehouse – freezing room Ice
Chute to packer
Entrance to clean area
Palletising system
Water treatment station
Ammonia station
Ice cube separation
Production acility Pure Ice from a bird’s eye view
Production of 1 kg packs
Production of 1 kg packs – dynamic scales and X-ray machine
Operator at work
Production hall – packing machines
Ice production hall

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions, we’re constantly developing it, so if you need anything, feel free to get in touch – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why do Pure Ice cubes melt slower than regular ice?

This is all due to the production technology developed at Pure Ice. Firstly, the raw material is properly prepared — water is cleared of minerals that reduce the freezing point of water and crystallisation. Secondly, it is ensured that the ice has the right density, meaning a smaller heat exchange surface area and a higher heat capacity. In this way, the cubes transfer more cold energy to the drink and, as a result, melt more slowly.

To put it in simpler terms, Pure Ice cubes contain a higher ice content and do not have the cracks or rough surfaces that speed up melting.

Are Pure Ice cubes pure?


Both the development and management of the facility and the production process are meticulously planned so that operators do not have direct contact with the product. Each stage of the production, starting from the ice chute from the generators, through transport, to packaging and palletisation, is fully automated. In addition, automatic quality systems, such as X-ray equipment, metal detectors, or water quality analysers, are employed to oversee the entire process.

To guarantee the highest standards, the Pure Ice quality control procedure includes regular testing of both water used in production and the finished product in all its variations.

Do Pure Ice cubes change the taste of the drink?

No, Pure Ice cubes do not affect the taste of the drink.

Pure Ice cubes are crafted from entirely pure water and in immaculate environment, ensuring the absence of impurities or additives that could affect their taste. Furthermore, the production technology takes great care in the separation and drying of the ice cubes before packing. After packing the packs are promptly stored on pallets in the freezer. These measures effectively reduce surface roughness, which plays a significant role in preventing the migration of foreign odours and flavours.

Are Pure Ice cubes safe?

Yes, Pure Ice cubes are completely safe.

Unlike many ice producers in Poland, Pure Ice realises that ice is FOOD and recognises its significance in the food industry. Despite the absence of legal regulations regarding sanitary requirements for ice cubes in Poland, Pure Ice remains committed to upholding the highest food safety standards. This commitment is validated by the prestigious IFS & BRC Food certificates issued by the reputable accredited certification body, TÜV Rheinland.

Pure Ice consistently subjects itself to rigorous internal and external audits, diligently testing raw materials, final products, and production areas to identify and eliminate any potential sanitary hazards. These thorough procedures ensure that Pure Ice can confidently guarantee the safety of its products and provide them to consumers with a clear conscience.

Is Pure Ice certified?

The production technology and the plant where the ice cubes are produced are certified. This means that the ice produced by Pure Ice has all the characteristics of a high-quality and safe product, which are guaranteed by the IFS and BRC Food certifications we hold, granted by the most reputable accredited certification body, TÜV Rheinland.

How are Pure Ice cubes made?

Pure Ice employs a meticulously designed and intricate ice production process to ensure the delivery of the utmost quality product. It all starts with water undergoing an advanced filtration process. It then travels through a pathway equipped with flowing UV lamps to the ice makers, where the ice cubes are meticulously formed. The subsequent stage involves calibrating and drying the ice cubes, followed by individual packaging. Each pack is carefully marked with the production date and batch number.

To maintain the highest standards, every pack goes through a dynamic weighing scale that identifies and removes any underweight products. Additionally, an X-ray or metal detector is used to thoroughly inspect each pack for the presence of any foreign objects. Once this detailed inspection is complete, the ice is transported to the freezer, where it awaits further distribution. Throughout the entire process, automation is employed to ensure the product safety and unwavering quality.

What certifications does Pure Ice have? 

Pure Ice is certified by IFS Food and BRC Food, which are marks of the highest quality and safety in the food industry.

Where does the water, from which Pure Ice cubes are made, come from?

Pure Ice utilises water from two sources — either it is municipal water or well water. Regardless of the source, each batch of water goes through a process of advanced filtration, disinfection, and quality testing processes. This fastidious treatment ensures the attainment of absolutely pure H2O, which serves as the raw material for the production of Pure Ice cubes.

What does full automation of the production process offer the consumer?

The fully automated production process at Pure Ice offers numerous advantages to consumers. First and foremost, it guarantees safety and consistent high product quality, ensuring that consumers always receive a product that meets the highest standards.

Furthermore, our product boasts 100% traceability. We have precise records of the production time for each bag or cup of our ice, including its delivery destination. This comprehensive traceability is not only beneficial for consumers, but also for our trade partners and distributors. In the rare occurrence of any issues with the ice, we can promptly halt the sale of a particular batch and swiftly resolve the situation.

Where can you buy Pure Ice packs?

Pure Ice packs are widely available on the market. They can be found in many known and reputable supermarket chains and, thanks to our distributors, in many smaller convenience stores.

We are constantly working to expand our distribution network.

Why are Pure Ice cubes better than homemade ice?

Ice produced by Pure Ice surpasses homemade ice primarily because of its high quality, confirmed by its certificates. It is produced using advanced technology, which guarantees its purity and safety. Unlike homemade ice, Pure Ice is free of any impurities and melts more slowly. Being tasteless and odourless due to its smooth surface, it does not affect the taste of your favourite drink.

The convenience aspect is also evident as Pure Ice is readily available, enabling immediate use for spontaneous or unexpected occasions.


Are you looking for top-quality products perfectly matching your needs? Or a business partner with whom you want to cooperate for years to come? Feel free to contact us!

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